03 emotion and story

Every trapped emotional energy is significant in your life. Each one has had an impact on you in some way or another.

03 emotion and story

Tweet The Bible teaches us that our thoughts are the determining factor which controls our actions. No one can consistently perform differently than the way they think; therefore, we cannot change our actions without changing our thinking.

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Our emotions are linked directly to how we think. All people have a perception, or image, on the inside of them of what they are like. This image is not necessarily based on facts but on feelings. For instance, some people who are beautiful may think of themselves as ugly or undesirable because of unkind words spoken to them as a child.

Some who achieve great success still see themselves as failures, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. To a degree, psychology has correctly diagnosed this problem.

First, most people shift the blame for bad self-esteem, or self-image, to someone else. It has become popular to blame others for every negative thing in our lives. Other people are not our problem! All of us have had negative experiences.

The choice is ours whether we become bitter or better as a result of them.

03 emotion and story

For every person who can claim some dysfunctional behavior because of a traumatic experience in their life, there are others who have had similar or worse things happen to them, yet they overcame their circumstances.

Because problems do not dictate failure; we have a choice. We have the privilege and responsibility to choose blessing or cursing. Placing the blame on others is denying the real problem, and it will prevent finding a solution.

The devil will always send someone across my path who knows how to hit my hot button. If the problem is within me, then there is hope because through Christ, I can change. Regardless of what others do, I can prosper through Christ. After psychology tries to place the blame for your problems on someone else, they try to bolster your self-esteem by having you focus on the positive things in your self and minimize the negative attributes.

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The Bible teaches that there must be an end to self-esteem before true service can begin. Christians should not try and store up the feeble positive attributes of their personalities.

Regardless of how successful or talented we are in ourselves, we will eventually fail. If nothing else, we will get older someday and will not be as productive as before. If our self-esteem is rooted in our accomplishments, then it will ultimately fail. All the security we have found in ourselves will then come crashing down around us.

The Christian should have Christ-esteem. The secret to victorious Christian living is not found in self-improvement but in self-denial so that Christ can live through us. This does not mean that God wants us to have a bad self-image.

It just depends upon which self we are talking about. You see, every born-again believer has become a new person in Christ 2 Cor. The old man is corrupt and, at his best, is incapable of living the Christian life.

03 emotion and story

This is the self that most people try to patch up and feel good about. We have to die to this old self life with all its good and bad, and find a new identity in Christ. The new man is exactly as Jesus is 1 Cor. We are a totally brand-new person in Christ.

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Mar 03,  · What are emotions? According to Buddha, emotions are a fundamental part of who we are. It is the expression of our intelligence and creativity. DBT Skills Training Modules Handouts & Worksheets DBT Skills at a Glance. DBT Skills Quick Reference Sheet (by Rachel Gill).

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