3 letters of urbana and felisa

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3 letters of urbana and felisa

A blog about the Philippine novels, scripts, stories or any writings. Sunday, September 14, Urbana at Felisa Written in Tagalog by a priest famous for his powerful sermons, Urbana at Felisa is an example of the book of conduct that emerged in Europe during the Renaissance.

3 letters of urbana and felisa

Its author used the epistolary style wherein a series of thirty-four letters, members of a family in Paombong, Bulacan gave each other advice on the ideal conduct and behavior expected of a middle-class and Christian family.

Thus in her letters to her younger siblings Felisa and Honesto, who remained in Paombong, Urbana, who left for Manila to study, wrote not only of the need to follow the values and norms found in Christian teaching, but as importantly, to observe the proper mode of conduct as one dealt with people in society.

The series of correspondences, including a letter from a priest on the duties and responsibilities of married life, touched on various facets of experience that a person underwent from birth to death both in the secular and spiritual realms.

In retrospect, Urbana at Felisa should be perceived as a text not only meant to regulate conduct and behavior, but as a discourse to contain the moral excesses of the period and affirm basic Christian tenets.

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The letters go through all the stages of one’s – Via Urbana at Felisa by Soledad S. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

URBANA AT FELISA (This book is about the exchange of letters between two ladies named Urbana and Felisa; and through these letters Fr. Modesto de Castro made known the desirable behavior that everyone-young and old, women and men-should observe in dealing with other people well.

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Old San Juan has a free trolley service to help you get around the city. In Urbana at Felisa a whole range of experiences and activities of a family was explored and delineated even as prescriptions were laid down in the series of letters between Urbana and Felisa. in the minds of the indio and the more.

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