An observation of the different ways i do gender

May 1, It was the way parents and society treated them that made them different.

An observation of the different ways i do gender

A must see for parents and elementary teachers. Love the tangible suggestions of how we can better engage boys.

Male and female ability differences down to socialisation, not genetics | World news | The Guardian

Not sure how we get more men teaching in elementary schools. However we see this change in how different genders are joining the profession. Do these numbers match the numbers associated with bachelor degrees? I have a belief, though, that what we are seeing in education with a growing gender gap is more pronounced than in other professions.

I also think that it may be a bigger issue. In some professions there is a greater importance that those in the profession are representative of the population — and I think one of those areas in education.

Just like I think it is important that we have a diverse police force gender, culture etc. I think the same for teaching. Maybe it is a naive bias, but I think it a representative gender balance is less important in who my insurance agent or account is, than who are the teachers at the local school.

While we can be concerned about the growing gap of men in schools, we should also note what positive strides have been made in the last twenty years with women teaching high school math and science, and assuming more positions of formal leadership in the system. So, if our goal was to increase the number of male teachers, what would we do?

I would be interested in knowing how the gender gap plays out across teachers in different divisions, too. For instance, here we tend to have fewer teachers in the primary division and as you move up the grades, the gap narrows.

We have far more elementary schools than secondary. In terms of our superintendents of instruction, we have more men in that role — only 4 of our 13 SOs are female. What does that mean? Now you have me thinking.

On another note, teachers and leaders here in Ottawa do not come anywhere close to reflecting the diversity of our students. Thanks for sharing another thought-provoking post.

Shannon cultureofyes Thanks Shannon. I think the issue of diversity is also important. There has been quite a bit of work in BC to attract Aboriginal students to the teaching profession, but still many groups are under-represented in the teaching profession. I did a quick count of the BC Superintendents and there are 34 men and 26 women.

Like in Ottawa, I suspect if we looked at principals and vice-principals, we would still have more men at secondary, and an even split — or more women at elementary.

Controlled Observation

Provincially, the numbers of principals and vice-principals do not reflect what we see in West Vancouver — there are still more men than women. As for the edu-bloggers — I do find more men than women interested in using social media in the classroom.

Of course, we hear from Facebook that women over 40 are the fastest growing group of users. To have enjoyed school, they must have experienced a teaching style and system that matched their personal learning and personality profile.

To extrapolate that thought to gender generalizations, one might surmise that female teachers may, initially at least, teach in a manner that appeals to a greater cross section of female students than male, thus furthering the gender bias in positive school experiences and influencing the gender composition of the next generation that chooses the teaching profession.

How to address it? On a professional level, continue to provide pro-d opportunities and instruction for teachers in the theories of multiple intelligences and learning styles, and provide support and encouragement to teachers willing to experiment with approaches outside their comfort zone and personal frame of reference.

On a student level, make personalized learning a reality in the classroom. Find ways to teach that get the kids physically active and engaged. On a cultural level, continue to seek the respect for the teaching profession that it so clearly deserves — make it the first choice of someone seeking a career direction, not the fallback choice, or the one that simply dovetails nicely with family committments.

Presently, the standards for entry support a certain learning style that mostly females excel at. Many were just natural teachers. Kind of lonely for a male in a class of girls all jokes aside.

Effective pedagogy in a subject is largely determined by the content being taught, not tailoring instruction to learning styles which may or may not exist. I asked the grade 12 boys in one of my blocks to hang around for a minute after class. I simply asked if they felt there were any differences that they had noticed between female and male teachers over their 12 years of school.Some Gender Observations January 17, by cultureofyes I was about to sit down to write a post on some recent observations about the increasing gender gap at teacher leadership events, when the latest edition of Education Canada from the Canadian Education Association landed on my desk.

Thus, the observation has revealed considerable differences in the behaviour, interaction and communication between men and women depending on their gender and the gender-related setting of their interaction.

They behave and communicate in different ways depending on their social group, where they are in at the moment.

An observation of the different ways i do gender

Women shop, me buy? How gender can affect online buying behaviour and what you can do to make it work in your favour. Gender Differences in Purchase Decision Making. men and women think differently about shopping and will approach the act of shopping online in different ways.

“The Gender-Linked Effect: Do Language Differences Really Make A Difference?” In D. Canary and K. Dindia (eds.) Sex Differences and Similarities in Communication: Critical Essays and Empirical Investigations of Sex and Gender in Interaction.

Naturalistic Observation

Media depictions of men and women as fundamentally "different" appear to perpetuate misconceptions - despite the lack of evidence. The resulting "urban legends" of gender difference can affect men and women at work and at home, as parents and as partners.

Feb 09,  · In explaining "gender" differences, I show the strengths and limitations of both "masculine" and "feminine" ways of thinking and doing things (e.g., communication, influence, and decision making.

Gender language differences