Backup set folder

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Backup set folder

Exclude filters take precedence over include filters Add any folders to exclude Add a semi-colon separated list of folder name filters to exclude from the backup. Alternative Locations can be used to provide backup rotations or as a fail safe for temporary unavailability of the primary backup destination.

Zotero data [Zotero Documentation]

When you have finished adding folders and making all necessary changes, click Next. The Backup Plan Page is shown: The new Macrium Reflect retention rules provide a powerful and flexible way to manage the lifetime and storage space used by your backups.

Choose how backups are matched and retention rules are applied to the target folder Retention rules are applied to the target folder of the backup by selecting one of two options: Apply retention rules to matching backup sets in the target folder. Disk Images are purged if they contain exactly the same Partitions as the current Image.

Partitions are identified using the unique Disk ID stored in sector 0 of the disk and the Partition sector offset.

Apply retention rules to all backup sets in the target folder. All backup sets in the target folder of the same type Disk Image or File and Folder are purged according the retention rules. This option uses the same logic as Macrium Reflect v5 Select the age or number of backup types that you wish to keep Option Description Full When deleting Full backups all linked incremental and Differential backups in the same backup chain set are also deleted This operation will delete the entire backup set.

Incremental When deleting Incremental backups the integrity of the backup set is maintained by ensuring that the chain is never broken.

This is achieved by merging older Incremental backups when required. The retention rules are set to retain 4 incremental backups. After retention, the most recent 4 incremental backups are retained. Deleting the oldest 2 incrementals would cause the backup chain to be invalid as the oldest retained incremental requires the previous 2 incremental backups to complete the chain.

To ensure backup integrity the 2 older incremental backups are consolidated with it to create a new incremental backup.Jun 18,  · Add files and folders to a backup set. You are not limited to backing up the files that Norton automatically detects and places into its file categories.

Sep 11,  · iPhone Backup Location for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, and Vista. Different versions of Windows store the iPhone and iPad locations in slightly different locations, though the version of iTunes does not matter. A backup set is just a specific schedule for a specific set of files and folders.

In most cases, you'd give a new backup set a name, include the files and folders you want to have in it, and then setup specific backup rules for that collection.

Backup set folder

The easiest and most reliable way to find your Zotero data is by clicking the “Show Data Directory” button in the Advanced tab of your Zotero Preferences window. This will reveal the folder on your computer that contains your Zotero database and attachment files. PATHS. The PATHS section lists folders and files the backup set applies to.

These correspond to the selected folders in the backup set editor; however, unlike the backup set editor, this format allows you to include single files as well. Unlimited Online Backup Backblaze will automatically back up all your files including documents, photos, music and movies.

Unlimited files. Unlimited file size.

Backup set folder
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