Blindness book report

Based on clinical appearance, color blindness may be described as total or partial. Total color blindness is much less common than partial color blindness.

Blindness book report

Medium, but the prose is pretty dense. Saramago is known for long, ragged sentences just barely stitched together with commas, and none of the characters identify themselves or take turns in conversation.

The Plot, Mostly Spoiler-Free: Once upon a time, in an unnamed city in an unnamed country, an unnamed man waiting for a red light to turn green went suddenly blind.

At first, it seemed like nothing: But then the man who took him home went blind. The wife who opened the door went blind. The doctor who examined him went blind.

Blindness book report

So did every patient waiting in his office. So did every person they passed on the way there. So did the soldiers who came to put him in quarantine, long after quarantine would do any good.

Blindness book report

Within days, our unnamed city in its unnamed country has a true plague on its hands. The blindness is sudden and complete. It passes from person to person over staggering distances, almost as if it were spread by line of sight.

It is impossible to study, because anyone who looks too closely at one of the blind goes blind themselves. And it is irreversible.

So, what happens to a country when everyone living in it goes blind in the same week? People go sick and hungry. Society, or even the illusion of it, grinds to a halt. More profound than the chaos and fear, though, is the way that living in a world where no one can see their faces or read their names changes people.

Without the watchful eyes of others to stop them, many become monsters. Many collapse into puddles of jelly. But a few —just a few— discover hidden stockpiles of courage and kindness they never knew that they possessed.

Blindness follows a small band of survivors, some of the first to be infected, who struggle to survive as society falls into pieces around them. Besides their determination to protect one another, the group also has a precious secret weapon: In fact, she seems to be completely immune to the plague, for reasons that are never explained.

A mild, practical, middle-aged woman when the lights are on, she becomes a hero in the darkness, full of courage and ingenuity no one believed she possessed, least of all herself.

The girl with the dark glasses. A beautiful woman who hates the fact that will always be the first thing people mention when they describe her, the girl with the dark glasses is a part-time prostitute who lost her sight halfway through a session with a client and wound up lost and panicked in an unfamiliar hotel.

The new world is full of dangers for a beautiful girl, but it also allows her to explore new parts of herself and find great reserves of kindness, self-sacrifice, and love that her beauty had always overshadowed.

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The man with the gun.Jan from USA. A disturbing book to read as the suffering from Blindness progresses into mean, selfish characters. Strong men begin to inflict suffering on women and weak men, horde meager food supply and water from others/10(2). This is the text of the English version of the Red Book.

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Buy a cheap copy of Blindness book by José Saramago. In an unnamed city in an unnamed country, a man sitting in his car waiting for a traffic light to change is suddenly struck blind. But instead of being plunged into Free shipping over $ Prevent Blindness brings Americans to eye care.

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Historical Chronologies , The Unseen Minority: A Social History of Blindness in the United States

It will support quality vision screenings for preschool and school-aged children and provide access to professional eye care for low income families around the country.

of color blindness in the following two articles of this COLOR BLIND ESSENTIALS series. Much less common possibilities for color blindness are also glaucoma, aging, alcohol misuse, or a hard injury on your head. Blindness (Harvest Book) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

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