Buijs j thesis

In he went to the UK to work at the Wellcome Research Laboratories where he was responsible for the exploratory development of a range of compounds, some of which became marketed atovaquone, zolmitriptan.

Buijs j thesis

Advanced Search Abstract Buijs j thesis has been incorporated into toothpaste to enhance inhibitory effects on bacterial metabolism in dental plaque.

Many studies have confirmed these effects by showing a reduction of accumulation of dental plaque, gingivitis and calculus. However, there is no evidence for triclosan having an inhibitory effect on the dental plaque-induced demineralization of the dental hard tissues.

Buijs j thesis

Therefore, the effect of 0. In a first set of experiments the toothpastes were added to the S. In this set of experiments, triclosan had no additive protective effect to the non-fluoride or fluoride toothpaste.

Under these conditions, triclosan showed an additional protective effect compared with non-fluoride toothpaste at a low concentration of S. It is concluded that the enamel surface may act as a reservoir for triclosan, which may protect the enamel surface against a mild acid attack.

In combination with fluoride, however, as in toothpaste, triclosan has no additional protective effect against demineralization. Introduction Over the last two decades many toothpastes have been formulated to contain antimicrobial compounds with the aim of preventing or reducing plaque, calculus, gingival inflammation and dental caries.

One of these compounds is triclosan. Triclosan in toothpaste has been proven to reduce regrowth of dental plaque in 4 day plaque regrowth experiments. The acid response to a glucose challenge was also reduced although this difference did not reach statistical significance.

For these latter effects less triclosan may be necessary than for the reduction of plaque growth or improvement of gingival health.

This was studied under the simulated conditions of enamel or dental plaque being the oral binding site. The experiments were carried out with a Streptotoccus mutans strain. The suspensions were prepared by mixing thawed stock cultures of S. The final suspensions contained 0.

Before applying the bacterial suspensions, the enamel specimens were exposed for at least 1 h to a 26 W ultraviolet source with a wavelength of nm UVSL, Ultra-violet Products, San Gabriel, CA, USA at a distance of 10 cm for surface sterilization.

Preparation of enamel specimens Samples were cut perpendicularly to the buccal surface of freshly extracted bovine incisors with a hollow drill diameter 6 mm. The specimens were carefully embedded in methylmethacrylate resin, leaving the outer surface of the enamel specimens free.

These surfaces were ground flat using silicon carbide abrasive paper from grit to grit The surface area of all specimens approximately 22 mm2 was measured with an image analysis method.The seroprevalence of toxocariasis was investigated in school children ranging in age from 4 to 19 years.

Infection, as measured by titre, was found to be high compared to values obtained from children in other countries, with 31% having a titre of ≥ and 3·1% having titres of ≥ Mapping Data Sources to XES in a Generic Way Master Thesis ing.

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In human-centered design, user research drives design decisions by providing an understanding of end users. In practice, different people, teams, or even companies manage each step of the design process, making communication of user research results a critical activity. Table 1. Predictive performance of the used algorithms Step 3 –Revisiting the now personalized library participants revisited the library and were randomly assigned . Nordling S, Brännström J, Carlsson F, Lu B, Salvaris E, Wanders A, Buijs J, Estrada S, Tolmachev V, Cowan PJ, Lorant T, Magnusson PU. Scientific Reports. 8: PhD thesis at Uppsala University. Read Real-time characterization of antibody binding to receptors on living immune cells. Bondza S, Foy E, Brooks J, Andersson K, Robinson.

A. M. Buijs Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Architecture of Information Systems Research Group Be sure that your thesis statement matches your paper, its format, tone and type.

Peters L, Van Winkelhoff AJ, Buijs J, Wesselink P. Effects of instrumentation, irrigation and dressing with calcium hydroxide on infection in pulpless teeth with periapical bone lesions.

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Buijs j thesis

In ‘Wittgenstein on Language and Rules’, Professor N. Malcolm took us to task for misinterpreting Wittgenstein's arguments on the relationship between the concept of following a rule and the concept of community agreement on what counts as following a given rule.

Previous research on the effect of stocking density on welfare has focused on adverse effects on health and behaviour. Absence of such effects does not mean that space allowance is optimal from the animals’ point of view.

This thesis aimed to assess optimal space allowances by studying spatial distribution and behaviour. The importance of lower densities was studied using a combination of. ENOPLIAN IN TRAGEDY ENOPLIAN IN TRAGEDY ITSUMI, KIICHIRO This paper is the one announced in a footnote of my previous article (CQ ns 34 (), 72) and is based upon some sections of my PhD thesis submitted to the University of St.

Andrews in Each passage I treat in this paper is examined more thoroughly in the thesis, with the consideration of other colometries.

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