Drive thru beer barn business plan

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Drive thru beer barn business plan


Opening a drive-through daiquiri shop can be a good seasonal business in a beach town, summer resort area, or in any community. Check with your state's laws to see if it is permissible to open a drive-through establishment selling alcoholic beverages where you live.

The daiquiris you sell will need to be virgin unless your state allows the sale of alcoholic daiquiris from a drive-through. Find an optimal location for your frozen daiquiri drive-through.

A parking lot with a lot of nearby traffic may be a good location for putting up a small shack, or you may choose to build or buy a larger building. Traffic is key to making this work, so look for an area that receives a large amount of traffic.

Apply for a business license and the other permits you will need for opening the stand. If you are planning on selling alcohol, you will need to apply for a liquor license in addition to a business license.

drive thru beer barn business plan

Your location will also need to be inspected by a health inspector, since you will be serving beverages. It may take some time to get an appointment with the health inspector, so you should look into scheduling the inspection as soon as you have found your location.

Research different recipes for your daiquiris. A menu should contain a selection of several different flavors, and you may also want to have a speciality of the day. At the same time, too many flavors will require many different ingredients, with the expensive potential for fruit and other ingredients to spoil if they are not used.

Test your favorite recipes on friends to find the most popular drink combinations. Purchase the supplies for your business. You will need to purchase an ice machine that will fit into your location.

Professional drink blenders that specialize in grinding ice are a necessity. Look for commercial grade blenders. You will need drinking straws and paper products, like cups and napkins. Some suppliers will throw in cups if you sign up for an extended contract to receive their supplies each day.

You will also need to purchase the ingredients for the daiquiris including sugar syrup, lime juice, fresh fruit and rum if you are serving alcoholic drinks.

If you want to offer other things such as candy or small food items with the daiquiris, you will need to find a supplier for them, as well. Prepare your building or shack for inspection.

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Depending on the size of the building you have chosen this may be a relatively easy process. The area where the daiquiris are prepared needs to be sanitary and cleaned every day.Competition Photos, Inc.

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30 years experience. This website is dedicated to the Beer Barns,Beer Drive Thru Stores and Drive Thru Margarita / Daiquiri Houses.

Photos showing the vast diversity of these businesses, from the classic barn style building to the Tecate six pack with the drive lane cut out of it. Frozen daiquiris are enjoyable to drink on a hot day.

drive thru beer barn business plan

Opening a drive-through daiquiri shop can be a good seasonal business in a beach town, summer resort area, or in any community. Buddy's Beer Barn was opened in May of by husband and wife team, Pat and Doug Barker - the Buddys. The big Red Barn located at Montana (between McRae and Yarbrough) once was the home of Black's Nursery almost 30 years ago.


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Buddy's Beer Barn offers the best selection of lagers, ales and malt liquors, import and domestic, in El Paso. When fully stocked with all available brands, we number over .

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