How to use powerpoint for business presentations

Taking care of business, one python script at a time Mon 17 August Posted by Chris Moffitt in articles Introduction Love it or loathe it, PowerPoint is widely used in most business settings. Fortunately for us, there is an excellent python library for creating and updating PowerPoint files: The API is very well documented so it is pretty easy to use. The only tricky part is understanding the PowerPoint document structure including the various master layouts and elements.

How to use powerpoint for business presentations

Open the Tell me box. Add-ins and other programs may add new tabs to the ribbon and may provide access keys for those tabs. Work in ribbon tabs with the keyboard To move to the list of ribbon tabs, press Alt; to go directly to a tab, press a keyboard shortcut. You move forward or backward through the commands in order.

You can also press the arrow keys. Controls are activated in different ways, depending upon the type of control: If the selected command is a button, to activate it, press Spacebar or Enter.

Tab through the options. To select the current option, press Spacebar or Enter. If the selected command is a list such as the Font listto open the list, press the Down Arrow key.

Then, to move between items, press the arrow keys. When the item you want is selected, press Enter. If the selected command is a gallery, to select the command, press the Spacebar or Enter. Then, tab through the items.

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In galleries with more than one row of items, the Tab key moves from the beginning to the end of the current row and, when it reaches the end of the row, it moves to the beginning of the next one. Pressing the Right Arrow key at the end of the current row moves back to the beginning of the current row.

Change focus by using the keyboard The following table lists some ways to move the focus using the keyboard.

To do this Press Select the active tab of the ribbon and activate the access keys. To move to a different tab, use access keys or the arrow keys.

how to use powerpoint for business presentations

Move the focus to commands on the ribbon. F6 Move to the next or previous command on the ribbon.

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Spacebar or Enter Open the selected menu or gallery on the ribbon. Spacebar or Enter Open the selected list on the ribbon, such as the Font list.

Down Arrow key Move between items in an opened menu or gallery. Tab key Finish modifying a value in a control on the ribbon, and move the focus back to the document. You can display Key Tips, which are the letters used to access commands, and then use them to navigate in the ribbon.

The Key Tips appear in small squares by each ribbon command. To select a command, press the letter shown in the square Key Tip that appears by it.

Depending on which letter you press, you may be shown additional Key Tips.Download Business PowerPoint Templates, diagrams and slide designs for making business presentations related to Marketing, Finance, Strategy and more.. Our business themed templates cater for presenter leads like no one else.

Whether you need to make a BCG Matrix.

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SWOT analysis, data analysis curve, a complex business diagram or just a nice presentation to impress your audience, we . Free Business Powerpoint Templates.

Find the best free business Powerpoint templates to create a professional pfmlures.comt your innovative ideas in a visually engaging manner using tables, charts, and diagrams ideal for business purposes. Over the years I’ve collected a bunch of Dilbert cartoons related to PowerPoint and business presentations.

I thought I’d create the ultimate Dilbert tribute to PowerPoint send me any others that I’ve missed. I’ll start with my top ten, and provide the rest in no particular order. Lifeless PowerPoint presentations are sure to put your audience to sleep.

Skye Gould/Business Insider Whether you're pitching a potential client or going over monthly analytics with coworkers. E-Learning: Interactive PowerPoint presentation. Slideshows are quick to produce, easy to update and effective to inject visual interest into the presentation.

Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck (Third Edition) [Rick Altman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THIRD EDITION: Did you learn PowerPoint in 30 minutes? Join the crowd most people get no more than a half-hour of training time with PowerPoint before they are tasked with making what is likely to be a first impression of themselves or their company.

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