Management case study

Generally speaking, change management refers to switching up the way things are done at an organization. So how can you ensure your change management initiatives are successful? Here are five real-world case studies that should provide some insight into how strong companies pivot successfully.

Management case study

She is the head of a department that focuses on evaluating the skill-building programs the agency provides to families.

Management case study

She reports directly to the agency leadership. As a whole, the agency has been cautious in hiring this year because of increased competition for federal grant funding.

However, they have also suffered high Management case study turnover. Two directors have left as well as three key research staff and one staff person from the finance department. Laura has a demanding schedule that requires frequent travel; however, she supervises two managers who in turn are responsible for five staff members each.

Both managers have been appointed within the last six months. Kelly has a specific background in research. She manages staff who provide research support to another department that delivers behavioral health services to youth. Kelly supports her staff and is very organized; however, she often takes a very black and white view of issues.

Kelly is very motivated and driven and expects the same from her staff. Linda has a strong background in social science research and evaluation. She manages staff that work on different projects within the agency. She is known as a problem solver and is extremely supportive of her staff.

Business and Management Case Studies

She is very organized and has a wealth of experience in evaluation of family services. Linda is very capable and can sometimes take on too much.

The managers are sensing that staff are becoming over worked as everyone takes on increased responsibilities due to high staff turnover. In addition, Laura has not shared budgets with her managers, so they are having difficulty appropriately allocating work to staff.

Laura said she has not received sufficient information from the finance department to complete the budgets. The finance department said they have sent her all the information they have available.

As staff become distressed, the managers are becoming frustrated. They feel like they are unable to advocate for their staff or problem solve without key information like the departmental budget.

How can Laura most effectively use both management and leadership skills in her role as associate director? What combination of the two do you think would work best in this setting? Click here to see our suggestions A director could be both a leader and manager.

However, given that the two mangers are very capable and directly manage all the department staff, Laura should focus on being a leader. She should delegate managerial responsibilities to the two managers.

It will also free Laura to focus on building a greater sense of staff commitment to mission and vision.CASE STUDY Pack is a combination of a well documented case study and rigorously written teaching note. Every case study is written with specific pedagogical objectives and when this case study is used along with the suggested background material and the suggested classroom orchestration, the learnings can be quite pronouncing.

Management case study

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Case Studies in Business and Management

Making organizational change work is not easy. Let these five successful change management stories inspire your company's own change initiatives.

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Case Studies in Business Managment. Concepts demystified – Comparative Cost Advantage, Core Competencies, Competitive Advantage, Corporate Strategy, Market Research, Brand Building, Corporate Governance, Value Chain Analysis and many more concepts.

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