Nightly business report podcast

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Nightly business report podcast

Again, represents the most liberal, zero is the most conservative. You can take a quiz to find out your own PQ here. University of Chicago economists Matthew Gentzkow and Jesse Shapiro have also done some interesting research on media bias.

In a studythey used text as data to look at common Democratic and Republic phrases in Congress to help determine which way newspapers lean — and, most important, why. Here are some common Democratic phrases: And some of the phrases favored by Congressional Republicans: Tony King February 16, 3: I have studied media bias at length, and you fall right into the trap in this one.

The problem with this approach is with a conservative congress inanything remotely critical becomes a left wing media bias. The same could be done to show a right wing bias with a democratic congress. The fundamental problem with bias studies is to find a bias, one must first know reality.

Too often, today, we take 2 talking heads with an agenda, put them together, and let them spin and call it analyzing the story. They aren't analysing anything.

They are trying to spin for political gain and all facts went out the window after the 10 second story snippit. So if the truth is left or right of the ideology of the nation, then the truth begins to be seen as "biased" even if it is true.

In such a case, proclaiming the world is round and the govt should recognize it becomes a left wing bias; proclaiming the world is round and the private sector will prove it becomes a right wing bia.

But both focus on the bias of approach instead of the error The world is round, not flat.

nightly business report podcast

The question is how do you get at the truth of the story to find good bias data? I have yet to find a good, sound methodology for finding bias, which is why we still create measures that the average person doesn't understand, but allow both sides to shout "BIAS!

Maybe the answer isn't in a simple bias matrix but rather in understanding the profit strategies of today's media. After all, they aren't loss leaders of the 70s anymore, they are big business of the 21st century, the information age.

Hint, hint Read more J February 16, 3: Zach Brannan February 16, 3: I think you meant "MA". Simonsez February 16, 3: Judging "slant" by the mere presence of phrases, with absolutely no regard for the context in which those phrases are used, is absurd.

According to this methodology, if a pundit were to state, "Poor people don't deserve any tax breaks. Increase taxes on the middle class if you want to see economic growth. Cut funding on those living in poverty and cut health care if you want to fix the budget deficit", this methodology would evaluate that pundit as a far-leaning liberal.

I would have expected a little more intellectual skepticism from you guys when a guest comes on spouting such complete nonsense. Allen Hughes February 16, 3: When gas prices were at their high points during Bush years, every day we heard nothing but the steady drumbeat of "what is Bush going to do about this regressive gas price" problem.

The poor are hit especially hard by it yadayadayada. It is reported today on a rare occasion, but never with any emotional display and utter disdain for government causing it James February 16, 5: What attracts media attention is not stasis, but change: So when gas prices are increasing rapidly, that attracts media attention.

Daniel Kahneman probably has a better name for it. So whenever a game is broadcast on Fox or NBC, you can guarantee you will hear critical comments about the Cubs' players and management.

I believed this too when I lived in Chicago, so when I moved to St. Louis I was surprised to find that Cardinals fans feel the same way: It turns out it's a universal phenomenon.I’m about to have Thanksgiving at home with my daughter for the first time since her mom and I split ten years ago.

Ours is a gender reversal of a typical divorce situation: usually it’s the mom who does the everyday caregiving, and the dad who gets holiday time with the kid(s).

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nightly business report podcast

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