Parallel algorithms research papers

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Parallel algorithms research papers

Parallel algorithms research papers

Project topics Email me three topics, in decreasing order of preference, by 3 pm Friday 19 Oct. The term project has the following goals: You may work in groups of two, if you wish to. You should select some topic related to parallel computing.

Sample topics are given below. The topic can be similar to the one you studied for your paper presentation. You should then refer to recent or later issues of some respectable journals, such as SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, and read more about your topic.

It is not sufficient to read just the paper you studied for your paper presentation. You should email me the list of papers you will study, by 31 Oct. Your major goal in the project is to critically analyze a few papers on the same topic. You will first understand the issues they address.

You should then implement their techniques efficiently, and study the performance, including that of competitive alternatives.

You will write a report describing the work done in the papers you read, and practical applications of the work. You should then give the results of experiments with your implementations of these algorithms.

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You may be able to theoretically explain your result too. You should finally summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the techniques you studied. The report should also contain a bibliography of papers to which you referred.

You should give me a hardcopy of the report, and a tar file for the code, by 3 pm, 30 Nov I may ask you to make some revisions, which should be submitted by 7 Dec.

You will also give a presentation in class and a demonstration in my office, where you will also be asked further questions on your work.

Further details on the project will be given in class. Papers you have found: Preliminary report and code: Parallel linear solver -- direct or iterative.The ISC research paper sessions provide first-class open forums for engineers and scientists in academia, industry and government to present and discuss issues, trends and results that will shape the future of high performance computing.

CIS Parallel Computing: Project topics Email me three topics, in decreasing order of preference, by 3 pm Friday 19 Oct.

Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing

Goals: The term project has the following goals: (i) to give you significant practical experience on parallel programming (ii) to give you experience with research skills such as literature search, reading and writing papers, designing and analyzing algorithms, etc. A Comparative Study of Parallel Algorithms for the Girth Problem University of Auckland, Private Bag , Auckland, New Zealand mjd,masoud,[email protected] Abstract In this paper we introduce e cient parallel algorithms for nding the girth in a graph or digraph, where girth ing parallel algorithms have been a major research.

Research Papers. These are most of my research papers, grouped by rough subject classifications. Dynamizing Static Algorithms, Algorithmic λ-Calculus for the Design, Analysis, and Implementation of Parallel Algorithms.

Research Proposal; Ananya Kumar and Guy E. Blelloch and Robert Harper. Parallel Functional Arrays. Parallel computing has become most important issue right this time but because of the high cost of supercomputer it is not accessible for everyone. Cluster is the only technique that provides parallel computing, scalability and high.

In this paper, we are proposing apriori algorithm for mining frequent patterns using parallel computing. Apriori algorithm use java concurrency package for parallel computing by distributing the dataset to multiple cores of the processor simultaneously.

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