Phd thesis published online

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Phd thesis published online

Stephen Hawking's thesis has been made available online now The Cambridge University website is hosting the thesis It got a huge traffic, so much so that the website crashed Demand for acclaimed British physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis intermittently crashed part of Cambridge University's website as physics enthusiasts flocked to read his work, the media reported on Tuesday.

Hawking's thesis " Properties of expanding universes " was made freely available for the first time on the publications section of university's website at More than 60, have so far accessed his work as a year-old postgraduate.

Phd thesis published online

Hawking said by making it available he hoped to "inspire people". The year-old's doctoral thesis is the most requested item in Cambridge University's library. Since Mayrequests were made for the PhD, most of which are believed to be from the general public rather than academics.

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The next most requested publication was asked for just 13 times, reports the BBC. Previously, to read Hawking's PhD in full, people had to pay 65 pounds to the university library to scan a copy or physically go to the library to read it. Because of the popularity of the page work the website has, at times, struggled to cope with the volume of users on Monday.


But thousands have still been able to read the document by the man who would go on to write "A Brief History of Time", one of the most influential scientific works ever. The abstract of his PhD begins:Phd output in many disciplines exceeds the pool of academic jobs, so many Phd grads will no longer get academic posts, and many dissertations will never be published.

If they are not online, they are dead. Now, for the first time, the general public can read the world-famous theoretical physicist’s PhD thesis, Properties of Expanding Universes, written in . Thesis by LIM Jun Long. The microhole collapsing effect technique is a relatively simple fabrication process that produces Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) refractometer using modal interferometry in the range of 10^−5 refractive index resolution.

The repeatable method preserves the same μm structural integrity of the optical fiber for various applications such as multi-parameter sensing. Get Your Phd Thesis Published.

When Nash wrote his Ph.D. thesis in , Non Cooperative Games at Princeton University, the dissertation (you can read it online here) was of my PhD students lamented this week with me that she had a lot to juggle (taking children to and from schools and to and from activities, etc.) and that she.

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