Sandy hook choir at super bowl video

Sandy Hook is the school in Newtown, Conn. An NFL spokesman said no one with the chorus was available for interviews, but a statement was delivered on behalf of the school. Many smiled excitedly as they sang the first verse.

Sandy hook choir at super bowl video

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Sandy hook choir at super bowl video

And I stand by them. So far, none of you nutjobs have given me a reason not to. Because of course she does. Julie on August 5, at I turned off the predictive text so that I may hopefully not speak whatever language I was using previously. Also, some people need to know the Who and why before they will ever investigate on their own.

Shill Murray on August 29, at 3: Julie, sorry for the delay in response.

Beyonce sings, reunites Destiny's Child at Super Bowl half-time show | Reuters

So when I hear, from every major news organization on the planet, that a shooting has happened in Connecticut and that twenty-six people have been murdered, I have no reason to disbelieve it until I see some sort of compelling evidence that I should.

And in the nearly six years since the shooting, that evidence has never materialized. In fact, conspiracy theorists have, in that time, knowingly and unabashedly engaged in the type of sinister behavior that they accuse the mainstream media of engaging in, from misrepresenting the truth to outright lies.

And it was in my investigation of these claims from these conspiracy theorists that I found information that only strengthened the official narrative surrounding Sandy Hook. Just for starters, we have witness statement after witness statement from real people who have served the public for decades, all telling the same heartbreaking story.

Karl was somehow accused of being Dr. Beyond the voluminous final report, there have been hundreds of news articles and photos published by a number of sources over the years that show the school existed and was open at the time of the shooting.

There are the calls. Just looking at the examples above, you have to assume that people who have served the public for decades, all from different sociopolitical backgrounds, came together to try and get guns out of the hands of civilians. You have to assume that these same public servants, medical personnel, educators, etc.

You have to assume that even the Social Security Death Index has been compromised. You have to assume that actors spent hours or even days staging calls. And that is the absolute height of absurdity to me. Remember, three people can keep a secret, if two of them are dead. Julie M Nickel on September 2, at 2: Thank you cor this thought out reply, I can tell that you are willing go actually care about people who reply to your blog.Feb 03,  · Search query Search Twitter.

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From Jennifer Hudson's Performance with the Sandy Hook Children's Choir to Alicia Keys singing the National Anthem and let's not forget the Super Bowl Halftime headliner out some of the photos from last night.

Jan 18,  · (Chimpinski via Shutterstock/Salon) Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory Every conspiratorial allegation about the tragic Newtown shootings, answered.

Feb 04,  · Sandy Hook students sing 'America the Beautiful' with Jennifer Hudson Twenty-six students from Sandy Hook Elementary School got the Super Bowl XLVII pregame show off to an emotional start, as they.

Some music teacher in Sandy Hook gathered up a group of Sandy Hook students and formed an ad hoc ”choir” and took them to the Super Bowl INCLUDED in that group were approx.

10 of the so-called ”dead” kids from Sandy Hook. COSTELLO: Those are the children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir. They joined superstar Jennifer Hudson for "America the Beautiful".

And from the pregame to the commercials, the gun control debate was a noticeable part of the game.

Newtown children’s choir to honor fallen friends at the Grammys