Should pornography be banned

Sexuality in the United States Although pornography dates back thousands of years, its existence in the U. By the end of the 18th century, France had become the leading country regarding the spread of porn pictures. Prior to this printers were previously limited to engravings, woodcutsand line cuts for illustrations.

Should pornography be banned

Submit There can be issues where it can lead to other more dangerous territories. Not saying it should be completely banned but certainly the variety should be more limited.

I was speaking to a male friend, who is against porn being banned, and in fact he was saying that there needs to be less restrictions on porn such as child drawn porn. And that his supporting argument was that if its available online then its less likely a pedophile would act upon their urges in real life to an actual child.

Should pornography be banned

Granted that may be the case but, it sickens me thinking that people with problems instead of coming forward for help, or being locked up we would instead cater to their 'needs' in the comfort of their home. He says that there's nothing wrong with loving a child and that its OK, but to act upon the urge is wrong.

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But surly that's a classic example of temptation Allowing an individual access to material which they know is wrong and yet telling them they can't act upon it.

And not to mention in cases it can be an addiction. Personally people like my friend who support pornography give myself and others a bad impression of the subject, giving us the reasons for our opinions.

BTW my friend is a boy who is 17 and to my knowledge is not a pedophile although after this i have my doubts.Should Pornography be Illegal?

In the present world, the pornography had already become an integral part of people’s lives because images that contain at least slight part of pornography can be found almost everywhere: in the movies, songs, advertisements, etc.

I argue that pornography, even pornography that clearly objectifies women, should not be banned because bans (1) essentialize the role of women, (2) can be used for political gains by partisans, even in ways that are unintended by the initial advocate of such a ban, and (3) are nearly impossible to implement under the current legal framework in.

Harms of Pornography

August 26, Instagram already blocks searches like #proanorexia and #thinspiration in the name of protecting users, but the photo sharing service is also known to block searches on hashtags that may contain lewd or pornographic content like #porn and #ass. Lysistrata - Aristophanes.

Should pornography be banned

penguin Banned in the US in , and in Greece by the Nazis in , and by the military junta in Lysistrata is an account of one woman's mission to end The Peloponnesian War - she convinces the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to negotiate .

Pornography should be banned as a threat to women because it dehumanizes women into becoming sexual objects - things, commodities. Women in pornographic movies are . Should pornography be banned?

The debate over pornography is one of much international deliberation.

Considering that it is devaluing people- I think so.

Almost everybody has an opinion on the matter, and reaching a global agreement is impossible. The concept of a ban on pornography is one which carries with it multiple issues, all of which will be considered. It is somewhat ineffective debating.

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