Stalis level 2 unit 1 communication

It is a competence based qualification which requires students to be employed in a school setting or to have voluntary placement. The qualification provides comprehensive coverage of the knowledge and skills to support teaching effectively and will be suited to people beginning, or relatively new, to teaching support.

Stalis level 2 unit 1 communication

There is a culture in all the social units. There is a development of culture between two people over a particular time. They share their expressions, history, customs and rituals with each other Moss, It is the duty of the workers in HSC to respect the beliefs of their patients.

They should give their clients freedom to practice their religion and beliefs. The care workers should treat and interact with their clients keeping the age of the individual in mind.

The communication skills used with children and adults are very different.

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So, age has a great influence in communication. Special care should be given to female patient, as they are more sensitive. It is the duty of the care providers to provide female attendants to female patients and male attendants to male patients in order to retain their comfort ability. The people who are educated tend to be flexible than those who are not educated.

The uneducated people stay firm with their own beliefs and practices. The services given to the individual by social care providers should keep in mind the social class in order to satisfy their customers. The Ethical consideration calls for the understanding of four basic guidelines.

Noble practice in HSC communication within an organization is accomplished through several methods. The Act devised for Data protection is a significant contributor of legislation within the organization.

Any HSC information should be safeguarded against the potential threat of intelligence theft to TP devoid any approval of the care user. Therefore this act entrust the safeguarding of information of the service users that endorses good health service practices and smooth operational functions.

The first ethical consideration necessitates taking into account four principles of Non-malfeasance, Beneficence, Autonomy and Justice for effective assistive device selection.

Stalis level 2 unit 1 communication

The Third ethical consideration should suggest the selection of technology that empowers the patient to perform task that is beyond reach at present while the fourth consideration necessitates the understanding of the fundamental need based analysis. This assist to understand if there is any need of technology, evaluate different alternatives, suggest non-technology alternatives.

This essay studied the literatures concerning qualitative as well as quantitative study on service providers as well as it transacts with the circulation of blood pressure across the body as well as the historical presence or occurrence of Health illness of the teenagers comprising of threat factors of multiple sclerosis development.

Besides all parents along with their medical history were scrutinized and examined. So a good communication process is really required between both of them. If communication process is improves there is a great scope of improvement in the care services. The daily progress and patients records are saved on the system of the organization.

All the information regarding the patients can be obtained from these portals. These kinds of systems are used extensively in many care service companies to improve the communication process.

Proper trainings should be imparted to the care providers in order to keep them updated with the latest technologies. Modern system of communication should be implemented in HSC homes.

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The care standards must be monitored regularly to improve the system in HSC organizations. The care quality commission should conduct regular audits in order to access the performance of their care providers Schramm, There are many other techniques that are used to support helpless people in HSC sectors.

Staffs of HSC are updated time to time on the usage of these technologies with the special need people and provided knowledge to perform better and satisfy the desires of their customers. Few strategies used to support Ms G with her specific communication needs are:The Level 2 Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools Qualification is a nationally recognised study programme designed for people who support the teaching and learning of pupils as teaching assistants, classroom assistants, and volunteers.

4 Level 2 and 3 Qualifications in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools () Unit Support the use of information and communication . Unit Support learning activities Level: 2 Credit value: 4 UAN: A// assessment and review cycle. Learning outcomes There are six learning outcomes to this unit.

The learner will be able to: 1. Support the teacher in planning learning activities 2. Prepare for learning activities STL8 Use information and communication. Open Document. Below is an essay on "Stalis: Level 2 Unit 1" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Summary of Pearson Edexcel Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce specification Issue 3 changes Summary of changes made between previous issue and this.

Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2 Certificate in Supporting the Wider Curriculum in Schools. To complete the Level 2 Award, learners must achieve nine credits from the mandatory units and three credits from the optional units available.

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