The benefits of higher education for

About Us Benefits of Higher Education While some people assume from the start that a college or university degree is worth it for them, others look at the cost and time versus the earnings one might gain from employment and the possibility of loans and question the benefits of another degree. This article looks at the value of a higher education.

The benefits of higher education for

The benefits of higher education for

Among them is an insufficient capacity to prepare adequate numbers of nurses at entry and advanced levels of education. Despite compelling evidence that links BSN education with lower rates of patient death, medical errors, and better patient outcomes, approximately 60 percent of new nurse graduates are currently educated in associate degree programs.

This is really important for a number of reasons. First, demands on nurses are growing, thanks to an increasingly complex health care delivery system and the need for nursing to be full partners and manage care along a continuum as members of interdisciplinary teams.

This will require nurses to obtain an advanced education that fosters a deeper understanding of the many factors that influence patient health and illness. Second, with fewer nurses pursuing advanced education, our efforts to produce adequate numbers of nursing faculty or advanced practice RNs to meet future demands within educational and provider arenas — particularly primary care — are seriously impeded.

Third, over the next decade, more than half of current nursing faculty is expected to retire, along with as many asexperienced nurses from the clinical workforce.

Benefits of Online Learning and Online Education The Environment I am the product of a small southern town in the "middle of nowhere. But my town is very well-known as home to one of the premiere higher learning institutions for African-Americans; Tuskegee University.
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Taken together, these facts speak to a number of changes that need to occur in the immediate future to prepare sufficient numbers of qualified nurses at entry and advanced levels within the workforce. First, nursing education systems must evolve so that the goal of achieving a much greater proportion of BSN nurse graduates can be realized.

Narrowing the gap between clinical and academic salaries is also necessary to create incentives for nurses to pursue advanced education in order to qualify for faculty positions.

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Second, employers must place greater emphasis on the attainment of higher education levels by nurses through hiring practices, as well as by facilitating educational advancement opportunities. Finally, it is critically important that nurses without a BSN take advantage of opportunities to pursue advanced education to become better prepared to care for patients in an increasingly complex health care delivery system.

Assuring a well-prepared nursing workforce is key to providing access to affordable, effective care.


Advancement of our system of nursing education will be integral to achieving that goal.By Mark Bond, Faculty Member, Criminal Justice at American Military University The Wickersham Commission and President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice recommended that higher education is a means to better professional policing.

See also: High Court Ruling on Affirmative Action Will Determine Our Futures by Vanessa Cárdenas; Asian Americans Benefit from Diversity in Higher Education by Julie Ajinkya As a nation we have. Jul 27,  · Higher education is worth the money, the time, and the effort.

And here are some of the benefits that surface in just about every study: A college education leads to a better quality of life.

Benefits of Higher Education Despite the difficult economic conditions since , research by the College Board confirms that there are significant personal and public benefits to higher education. In short, a college degree continues to be worth the investment of . In addition to the high financial value of higher education, higher education also makes individuals much more intelligent than what they would be with just a high school education.

Dec 11,  · But some of the most sought-after benefits from education are economic. Specialized knowledge and technical skills, for example, lead to higher .

The benefits of higher education for
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