Why do you think you would

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Why do you think you would

Whatever is important to you not on this list. Do not put down a good boss or good benefits as those are a given. Remember that these areas are identified for your insight and not necessarily for you to share with the employer.

Use them to help you develop your answer to this job interview question. More on that below. Now prioritize your entries. If making a specific salary is most important to you, then rank that 1. However, if you are willing to sacrifice some money now for continued training, then training has a higher priority.

Evaluate your current or former job and the job you are interviewing for. This helps you see clearly why you are not happy in your current position and will give you an indication of why you are interested in the new opportunity.

Make note of those points where the new job fits your preferences. The Career Matrix sounds simple, but it does require some personal insight.

I coached a woman who was doing great in her job but was seriously unhappy and did not know why. As a data analyst, she was chained to her desk with little people interaction and never heard a kind word about her performance.

In coaching, we discovered that she was an extrovert, liked interacting with a variety of people, solving problems, and being recognized. Suddenly, it was clear why she was not content in her current position -- and what would be important in her next job.

Use a Career Matrix to Determine Why You Want This (or Any) Job

Use the Career Matrix as a good tool for you to evaluate the position you are interviewing for and the other opportunities you are considering. Simply put, employers want to know whether you are a good fit for them.

Retention is a major issue for companies as it costs them tens of thousands of dollars to replace someone, and get them up to speed.

Consequently, employers are looking for someone who is: Enthusiastic about the position and the company, Likely to be a long-term player. A good fit for their corporate culture.Oct 01,  · If the question wanted your own answer, it would say something like "do you agree, and if so, give your reasons." It wouldn't automatically assume that you .

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I think I know why you are troubled by this.

Reason #1: You Are So Damn Good Lookin'

In my first language, we literally ask [you-think-how] not [you-think-what]. Perhaps, it's quite similar to many other languages. Furthermore, you can implement simple, practical versions of the architecture that can do things like play Pacman, if you want. AIXI is the product of an AI researcher named Marcus Hutter, arguably the foremost expert on algorithmic intelligence.

What do you think? is a question asked to someone to give his reaction to what was just said. How do you think? is not a legitimate question.

Why do you think you would

It does not make sense at all. Daniel McLaury wrote, I've never heard someone say "how do you think" ever.. Thinking is manipulating information, as when we form concepts, engage in problem solving, reason and make decisions.

But if we really do want to be kind, grateful, and humble we need to think about these sayings a little more – and then stop saying them. 10) Everything happens for a reason.

Why do you think you would do well at this job?