Working mothers as an argument essay

Argumentative essay papers Argumentative Essays About Working Mothers The writers' team from custom-essay-writing-service. Still, they can offer you a lot to think about and maybe the information you learn will one day become very useful.

Working mothers as an argument essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Working Mothers Essay Sample Abstract This paper examines the benefits and the negatives of the mother who works either due to financial need or her own desire to do so.

This paper will explore how maternal employment affects of the child as well as the mother. For many new mothers the decision to return to work is a difficult one. For some the decision may be as simple as they just have to, whether they are a single parent supporting the entire household or due to economic reasons beyond their control, both partners have to work to support the household.

For other mothers, it is a different decision entirely; they want to return to work.

Working mothers as an argument essay

For whatever reason a mother chooses to return to work this personal decision finds many mothers scrutinized. With this substantial increase many experts are questioning the impact it has on the child. Studies have been done on everything from the emotional, academic, physical impacts of a working mother on her child as well as how the stress of a working mother can also have effect development.

My aim of this project is to research on working mothers- the advantages, disadvantages, problems and reasons behind their decision to work Inorder to do this. I have conducted a survey by handing out a questionnaire of 17 questions to 25 working mothers. I Have tried covering the different fields in which women work, to give my project a broader outlook and to be able to get a more accurate analysis.

The topic allowed me to learn a lot about working mothers- how they think, what they feel. This project actually made me realise how efficient women really are. But that is definitely not the case. Women are as efficient as men and as capable as men to handle the pressures of a workplace at the same time handling their families.

This project also helped me develop my analytic skills. I was able to conduct a survey and then was able to analyse the results by creating bar graphs and pie charts.

This was truly a great learning experience for me. I always thought that a survey is a simple set of questions that one has to answer. But I did not know how difficult it was to actually construct a perfect questionnaire inorder to get the desired results.

This project also allowed me to be able to construct a fairly good questionnaire. But most of all, this project has helped me use my theoretical knowledge in practical application.

If for whatever reason, a woman acted out of the norm— chose to speak her mind, chose to work outside the home— then her husband was criticized for not handling her properly. Throughout the history of man, women have stayed home and taken care of the family and home with rarely any assistance from the husband.

Since he was the breadwinner, it gave him the perception that bringing home the money was sufficient work, that it was all the work he had to do. It was left to the mother, the wife, to feed, clean and clothe the children. If a mother chose to not pay attention to her family, she was ostracized.

This still holds true for today. The mother is criticized for not placing the needs of the family first far more often and severely than is the father. Women today have changed the arena of the workplace.

The workplace is no longer male dominated. Women have also started showing the world that they too are capable of working and earning money for their family and for them selves and at the same time are capable of tending to their families needs.Argumentative Essay about Women’s Work.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Second Argument Jobs Will Secure Working Women Financially. Nevertheless, what about those single mothers? How they get their income?

Job is a rescue for single mother who need to stand on their own feet to work for financial income to sustain the basic. Argumentative Essays About Working Mothers.

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The writers' team from suggests that Sociology and Psychology are not among your favorites at school. Still, they can offer you a lot to think about and maybe the information you learn will one day become very useful.

Argumentative Essay On Working Mothers Vs Home Mothers.

Working mothers as an argument essay

their home. Mothers have reasons for their choices, This is the argument Amy Tan makes in her story. Eman Almatrood Written communication Argumentative Essay WORKING MOTHERS These days there are a lot of women working outside the house, which can.

In addition, Wladi() mentioned that in the percentage of working mothers was %, However by this figure had increased rapidly to % and by the percentage was 70%.These statistics were taken when their child under 18 years old, This essay will argue that working mothers should be supported by their families and.

Working Mothers Essay Sample. Abstract This paper examines the benefits and the negatives of the mother who works either due to financial need or her own desire to do so.

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